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MIKALOR is another powerful partner with very high quality standards in low, medium and high pressure clamps.

Our Spanish partner is synonymous with quality in the global clamp market, a powerful option in general industry projects.

We have industrial clamps, rack type (endless)
  of the MIKALOR brand for hoses, pipes, filters, etc.


  • The ASFA L7 Clamp becomes the smallest worm clamp from Mikalor and probably the world. It has been developed to be able to be applied in assemblies that until now were unfeasible or complicated, due to the reduced spaces where it had to be applied. This clamp has been designed following the same production processes as the current 9 and 12 mm ASFAs, applying the standards and quality controls established by the ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 standards.


  • The evolution of the 12 mm ASFA clamp leads to this version, where we highlight such notable aspects as the displacement of the wedge with respect to the axis, which provides a considerable reduction in the lateral displacement of the belt at its exit. Thanks to the design of its head, its closing system and the housing of the screw, we achieve an increase in its performance at the same tightening torque.


  • The Supra clamp is the evolution of the Super clamp. The geometry of the Supra clamp is designed to be a lightweight clamp with very high performance. Thanks to its unique design, its assembly and disassembly can be carried out without having to disassemble the tubes or rubbers of its application and without detaching any element from the clamp itself. Its high strength screw ensures application, allowing high torque values. By arranging the tape on the beveled edges, you avoid cuts on tubes and rubbers.

 World Quality 
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