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INDUSTRIAL HOSES These are hoses used for the transport and handling of industrial fluids and materials, their application is quite wide and the working pressures must be less than 500 psi. Its use corresponds to chemical products, solvents, hydrocarbon derivatives, water, air and passage of materials among others. They are classified into:

Multipurpose hose:  They are hoses that are used in general applications of water, air, detergents and sometimes fuel and oils.

Water hose :  It is used for the suction and discharge of water, its construction is based on EPDM and SBR, for greater reliability in the handling of water with residual contamination.

Air hose (Pneumatic) : Used for handling compressed air, its construction is based on nitrile or neoprene to guarantee intermittent contact with oil. They are used in heavy vehicles on and off road, tank trucks for pressurizing and later emptying of bulk materials.

Hoses for suction and discharge hydrocarbon derivatives:  They are used for hydrocarbons and their derivatives, the tube is manufactured based on nitrile  or neoprene to guarantee excellent resistance to these.

Chemical hose :  They are used for chemical products, they must obviously be those that have greater resistance to aggressive chemicals such as acids, alkalis, solvents, etc.

Steam hoses :  They are designed for the handling of saturated steam.

Coolant hose Radiator ;  Silicone straight hose cooling system, resistance to extreme temperatures -57 ° C to 177 ° C

Turbo charger hose with rings;   Silicone hose with rings. Withstands temperatures from -51 ° C to 260 ° C

Stainless metal hoses:  App,  Lines of steam, gases, corrosive fluids or high temperature.

Hoses for concrete ;

Oxyfuel hoses ;  Ideal for welding with oxygen, acetylene gas, propane gas for welding and cutting applications.

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