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Oleotec Srl.  has been synonymous with reliable and safe pressure measurement in hydraulic systems for more than 40 years, meeting the world quality standard, ASB brings to the market a wide range of products of hydraulic hoses, pressure gauges and other complementary components from MCS.

MCS offers a simple and inexpensive means of checking pressure at any point in hydraulic systems, while at full pressure.


  • The new 621 series mini MCS® piston grip is a reliable solution even in the presence of very low viscosity fluids. The self-centering hexagonal piston, thanks to its 6 fluid passages and the O-ring seal, reduces pressure drops, ensuring a faster response and more accurate measurement.

  • The high-quality zinc-nickel plating and the new metal wire cap, consisting of 7 nickel-plated zinc-plated wires covered by an additional protective layer, ensure excellent corrosion resistance and longer component life. The cable does not produce additional noise when mounted on mobile hydraulic systems, helping to reduce noise pollution. All MCS® Ball and Poppet Valves test points are supplied with an integrated anti-vibration O-ring.


  • European leader in the manufacture of premium and standard hydraulic hoses. These offer high performances that refer to a wide range of temperatures and working pressures. They meet all the requirements in their field of application, such as strong resistance to abrasion, ozone and atmospheric factors, extreme flexibility and compactness.  

  • MCS micro-hoses are made up of a polyamide core and cap, with a hardened aramid fiber braid, which ensures perfect sealing. The connection is self-sealing and will not loosen under vibration or pressure spikes. Our production department is specialized in the assembly of DN2 and DN4 micro - hoses.


  • With Oleotec hoses and fittings, pressure can be checked while hydraulic systems are at full pressure. The micro-fittings and micro-orifice hoses can withstand a working pressure of max. 630 bar. All accessories are designed by Oleotec and are supplied with bush included.  

  • We offer two different dimensions of the screen. (ø 63 mm and ø 100 mm), four types of connection and various measuring ranges, according to the customer's specific requirements. Calibration certificates are available upon request.

 World Quality 
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