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BRONZE BALL VALVE A ball valve or ball valve is a stopcock mechanism used to regulate the flow of a channeled fluid and is characterized by the fact that the regulating mechanism located inside is shaped like a perforated sphere. It is opened by rotating the shaft attached to the perforated ball or sphere, in such a way that it allows the passage of fluid when the perforation is aligned with the inlet and outlet of the valve. When the valve is closed, the hole will be perpendicular to the inlet and outlet. The position of the actuation handle indicates the status of the valve (open or closed).
  • Brass ball valve PN-25, full bore.
  • Brass construction according to DIN 17660.
  • Female NPT female threaded ends.
  • Lever actuation.
  • Maximum temperature 180 ºC.
  • Measurements: 1/4 "- 4"
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